makyo craft works ではオリジナルデザインの革、彫金作品を制作、販売しています。
”makyo craft works” produce and sell originally designed leather and metal working.

It is made of the best leather material. I sew it carefully by hand.

Silver uses traditional techniques to melt, mold, hammer, and scrape materials.
Travel around the world to find unique natural stones


Gender and age do not matter. Feel the real thing.

2002年、当時好きだった女性に手作りのアイテムをプレゼントしたくて始めた革細工。 まさか、これがライフワークとなるとは思っていませんでした。 

過去に私は革細工の道具をバックパックに詰め込んで世界を旅しました。 異国の地のトラブルで一文無しになった時は革細工と友人に助けられました。
いつか彫金をやりたくて、その時のためにと各地で買っていたターコイズ。 その時の買い物の経験が仕入れに役立っています。

I started leather craft in 2002.

It was to give a handmade item to my favorite woman at that time. No, I didn't think it would be a job at that time.

In the past I traveled the world with leather tools packed in my backpack. I was helped by a leather crafts and a friend when I was lost due to a trouble in a foreign land.

I wanted to do silver craft someday, so I bought turquoise in various places at that time. The shopping experience at that time is useful now.

I like traveling, I like craft, and I wanted to make it a part of my life.

And naturally, craft became my life.

As with your own life, there are things that are born from lovingly nurturing.

I want to create something that can be nurtured with such affection.

The result isn't everything, the process stirs my imagination.